Announcing the 7th Batch of Global Alibaba Cloud MVP Members

The Professionals Shaping the Future of Alibaba Cloud

Meet Our Newest MVP Members

What Do Our MVP Members Have to Say About the Cloud Industry?

“I have been working in Cloud space for over 6 years helping organizations make tough decisions. Presenting at C level and Architecting solutions for organizations which best suits their technical requirement and budget. Since the launch of Alibaba Cloud in the Australia region, I have been participating actively in the pre sales meetings and solution design workshops. I am multi cloud certified individual with focus on emerging technologies and want to do more in Alibaba cloud space.”

“Building the world’s best Cloud Platform requires three primary ingredients: Programmatic API Access, Useful Tooling and Developer Education. As an Alibaba Cloud MVP, I will host a series of tech talks in Hong Kong that educate developers how to use Alibaba Cloud and build companion tooling to get developers started as easily as possible.”

“Tristan is the Group Head of Services and Cloud Solutions Architect for Grey Matter Ltd. He specializes in cloud platforms assisting developers and enterprises with adoption of Alibaba Cloud covering infrastructure, platform and software design. He is also an experienced Cloud Solutions Architect, providing support to communities with adopting Alibaba Cloud.”

“I belong to Web Technologies and cloud architecture, I would like to work closely with other MVPs in bridging the gap in present day applications trying to get all developers capable of Cloud Architecture and using Alibaba Cloud technologies to ease and facilitate rapid development through local meetups, webinars, and articles for Alibaba blog.”

“I’ve started to get involved with Alibaba Cloud last year as it has started a partnership with Vodafone. I’m trying to extend my knowledge in public clouds and also help my colleagues too. In the future I’m trying to focus more on the Security related topics and have a couple of ideas for a tech blog.”

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