Ant Financial’s Going All in on Cloud Native

  • Open and Internet-based business conformation: With the development of the digital, Internet-based economy, financial institutions must be transformed for the digital age, so that they can provide agile business and scenario-based services, effectively mitigating the negative impact of new business models.
  • Requirement for regulatory compliance: Unlike other industries, the financial industry must necessarily ensure forcible isolation and regulation. Therefore, the shared infrastructure of public cloud can pose a challenge to regulating resources.

Building a Financial-Grade Transaction and Payment System

To establish a financial-grade online transaction system, the first step that Ant Financial needed to take was to implement a financial-grade distributed architecture. Ant Financial has two representative technologies in this area, SOFAStack and OceanBase. Both are now in widespread use after an initial beta phase. SOFAStack is used to build a scalable architecture at the entire application layer or the stateless services layer. OceanBase is used to deploy the storage infrastructure, which is typically a database, or a stateful service layer over the architecture. Both technologies have the following features:

  • High availability: They provide an availability of more than 99.99% and ensure that the system runs in an uninterrupted manner.
  • Consistency: They ensure final data consistency in any abnormal situations and protect capital security.
  • Scalability: They support quick expansion at the application, database, data center, and region levels.
  • High performance: They use an architecture with separate read and write operations for storage, optimize the link-wide performance for the computing engine, and approach the performance of a memory-type database.
  1. Security of cloud-native networks, including policy-based efficient traffic throttling, link-wide encryption, and traffic hi-jack and analysis.
  2. Security of cloud-native infrastructure, including security containers, non-shared kernel, and security sandbox.
  3. Security of cloud-native business, including the SOFAEnclave secret computing middleware and the multitasking Enclave LibOS Occlum that is immune to memory.

Effectively Responding to Traffic Spikes

Building an Multi-Mode Infrastructure That Can Continue to Evolve

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