AntChain Upgrades BaaS Platform and Initiates the “1 + X + Y” Blockchain Mode

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3 min readDec 2, 2020

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By Alibaba Cloud Blockchain Service Team

On September 17, at the Apsara Conference 2020, AntChain upgraded its Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform and launched a new service mode of “1 + X + Y” for enterprises and developers focusing on blockchain applications, making blockchain applications truly interconnected.

The “1 + X + Y” mode is based on AntChain BaaS, the core platform of infrastructure (one platform). Under this mode, enterprises and individuals can easily use the high-performance blockchain development tool and component to quickly build a blockchain application ecosystem (X number of applications). By AntChain’s inter-blockchain, blockchain applications in cross-organization and cross-industry scenarios of many fields, such as government, industry, and finance will be able to complete network connections between internal and external heterogeneous blockchains. By doing so, we can achieve a value network (Y) that interconnects thousands of chains, making asset circulation smoother, more efficient, and unimpeded.

The technical capability of AntChain BaaS is the foundation of the “1 + X + Y” mode. The platform provides a wide range of standard components for blockchain applications and supports storing evidence without writing code and fast development for smart contracts, making the development of blockchain as simple as developing mini programs. AntChain BaaS also provides TEE-level privacy computing capabilities to meet the strong on-chain data privacy protection requirements in government and finance scenarios.

AntChain administration GBaaS is one of the practices of the “1 + X + Y” mode in the government field. For example, Jiangxi Provincial Government took the lead in launching Jiangxi’s first blockchain government service platform, “ganfutong”, providing digital convenience services for more than 20 million users.

Although blockchain had gradually become an important factor for enterprises to innovate in the digital economy, three anomalies still emerge in practical application:

1) Many applications use blockchains as databases and build isolated systems, which does not deliver the value of open collaboration.
2) Scattered demand leads to the generation of a large number of self-built chains, which creates technical barriers to the interconnection of chains in the future.
3) Upper-layer applications of blockchain are forming a new isolated island — Chain Island.

Behind these anomalies are the scattered blockchain construction and the lack of top-level design of the blockchain system. These also result in high construction costs and difficulties in cross-department and cross-administrative-level sharing. This is what the upgraded AntChain BaaS is striving to solve.

How can enterprises avoid being caught in these anomalies when developing and applying blockchain?

How can partners improve the architectural design of blockchain applications based on the “1 + X + Y” mode of AntChain BaaS?

What rich value-added components, low-threshold development kits, and convenient application migration tools will AntChain BaaS provide?

We are recruiting ecosystem partners for AntChain BaaS is in the process. How can we join the AntChain ecosystem?

On September 18, at 13:00, the special broadcast of “The New Mode of AntChain Industry Application” at the Apsara Conference 2020 was held. Jin Ge, General Manager of the AntChain Platform Product Department, and several important partners shared the latest application modes, industrial practices, and cooperation cases of AntChain BaaS’s ecological partners. Besides that, they interpreted the problems and experiences of blockchain applications.

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