Applications of the Internet of Things in the Medical Industry (1) — Digital Hospitals

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology is becoming increasingly common in the healthcare industry. The primary applications of IoT in the field of intelligent medicine include the visualization of material management, digitization of medical information, and digitization of medical processes.

Medical Equipment and Drug Monitoring and Management

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the amount of counterfeit medicines in the world amounts to more than 10% of sales of drugs worldwide. Data from the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association shows that, in China alone, at least 200,000 people die each year as a result of wrong or inappropriately used medication. Between 11% and 26% of patients use their medications incorrectly. This includes around 10% of wrongly prescribed medications.

Therefore, RFID technology will play an essential role in the tracking and monitoring of drugs and equipment and the regulation of the market for medical products.

Specifically, IoT technology in the field of material management has applications in the following areas:

Medical Device and Pharmaceuticals Anti-Counterfeiting

Complete Real-Time Monitoring

Medical Waste Information Management

Digital Hospital

We can divide specific applications into the following areas:

Patient Information Management

Medical Emergency Management

Of particular note is the installation of 3G video equipment in ambulances. As patients are on their way to the hospital, the emergency room is already getting introduced to the patient’s condition and can effectively prepare for emergency rescue. If the location is very far from the hospital, there is a probability of using remote medical imaging systems as part of the emergency rescue process.

Drug Storage

Patient Information Management

Fighting Pharmaceutical Error

It is also used to confirm which type of drug gets prescribed to the patient, and to not only record which drug the patient is taking and whether or not they’ve taken in it but even which lot number the drug came from. This helps avoid the possibility of patients missing scheduled medications, and in the event of a quality control issue, affected patients get identified quickly.

Medical Equipment and Drug Tracking

Connected Information Sharing

Newborn Anti-Kidnapping System

Alarm System

Technical Problems Facing Medical IoT

Dynamic Networking and Node Mobility Management in Large-Scale Networks

Data Completeness and Data Compression

Data Security


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