Apply to Be an Alibaba Cloud MVP — New Round of MVP Nomination for June 2018

The third round of nominations for Alibaba Cloud MVP has begun!
Are you passionate in sharing knowledge with the tech and developer community? Are you familiar with Alibaba Cloud and want to grow your influence globally?
If so, be sure to nominate yourself or a friend as the third batch of Alibaba Cloud MVP by May 31, 2018!

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What Is Alibaba Cloud MVP?

Alibaba Cloud MVP is a program to reward community leaders that are devoted to helping others fully understand and use Alibaba Cloud technologies.

What Are the Criteria for an MVP?

  • Familiar with Alibaba Cloud products and services

What Are the Benefits of Becoming an MVP?

  • Recognition as being an outstanding community leader

Click here to see a full list of benefits from Alibaba Cloud MVP.

Recent Alibaba Cloud MVP Winners

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What are you waiting for? Visit the Alibaba Cloud MVP page to nominate a yourself and learn more about Alibaba Cloud MVP.


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