Applying 5G and 8K to Remote Medical Diagnosis

As imaging technologies continue to evolve, consumers are presented with more and more on our devices. Increasing size and enhanced definition are essential for all types of screens, including mobile phones, television, and OLEDs. The standard for “high resolution video” has increased from 1080 to 4K and then to 8K, which imposes a large load on traditional networks and image processing systems.

World’s First 8K Live Streaming Demo

Optimized real-time transmission links with ultra-high bit rate

The 8K 60FPS raw video has a bit rate reaching dozens of gigabits per second. To ensure real-time 8K live streaming, Alibaba Cloud has extended RTMP to support HEVC, which enables real-time RTMP at a high HEVC compression rate. The compressed bit rate of live streaming still exceeds 100 Mbps. Streams are transmitted stably in the 5G+VPC upstream direction and CDN downstream direction. Data is transmitted over a distance of more than 400 kilometers across complex network environments, from the Computing Conference in Hangzhou to live streaming center in Shanghai and then to SRRSH. According to actual test results, the latency of 8K live streaming is comparable to that of Internet live streaming. The user experience is excellent.

Extended real-time processing capability of 8K live streaming

ApsaraVideo for Live is optimized to support real-time slicing and recording of 8K streams, multiple streaming media protocols such as HLS, HTTP+FLV, and RTMP, and 8K time shifting and playback.

Improved full-link monitoring for live streaming

The full-link monitoring function is provided to display the 8K topology in real time and monitor the audio and video frame rates and bit rates of processing nodes and transmission links, allowing you to get a full photograph of 8K operation. The onsite large screen displays audio and video frame rates and bit rates in real time. Data curve changes are mild, indicating stable operation.

Self-developed HEVC live streaming player with a high bit rate

After contents are collected and processed in the cloud, massive HEVC streams will be played by terminals. Many HEVC hardware decoding devices only support local files and are expensive. Is there a more cost-effective way (such as PC upgrade) to play 8K HEVC video on PCs smoothly?

Remote Optical Diagnosis with 8G and 5K

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