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Automating Airport Security Checks with Alibaba Cloud ET Aviation Brain

Traditional methods for security checks at an airport border control is inefficient and time-consuming. Typically, the process is as follows:

  1. You hand over your passport and other identification documents to the immigration officer.
  2. The officer manually compares the validity of your documents.
  3. You look into a camera to take a picture, which will then be manually compared against the photographs in your documents.

This process is not only labor intensive but also error prone as the reliability of this method is highly dependent on the person evaluating your identification documents.

To address these issues, Alibaba Cloud has introduced an effective tool to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, helping security personnel at the airport to speed up the entire process.

Alibaba Cloud ET Aviation Brain

This new security verification tool is powered by none other than Alibaba Cloud’s ET Aviation Brain.

A security officer performing and identity verification using Alibaba Cloud ET Aviation Brain

All you have to do as a passenger is to hand over your passport and documents to the officer and wait for as little as 3 seconds. We actually had a passenger asking us “Why doesn’t the security personnel compare the photograph on my passport with my face?

All these manual chores have been replaced by the facial recognition technology of Alibaba Cloud ET Aviation Brain, which has been installed in 25 security channels at Terminal 3 of Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. You only have to provide your passport to the officer and stand still for your picture to be taken. For most cases, you just need to wait for 3 seconds for the system to finish comparing the photograph on your passport with your face.

The entire process only takes 3 seconds to complete

Efficiency and accuracy are essential for security checks. That is why the facial recognition algorithm of ET Aviation Brain is guaranteed to achieve an accuracy of greater than 99.6%. To achieve such a feat, it uses a convolutional neural network (CNN) to build a powerful identity verification capability by learning massive samples. Identification itself only takes 0.3 seconds.

“Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport has a large passenger volume, which was over 35 million in 2017. The facial recognition technology reduces the workload of security personnel, increases the airport operation efficiency, and improves the boarding experience of passengers.”
— Yu Jiang, System Operation Center of the Information Navigation Management Department at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport

Normally, overhauling a security check system is difficult and time consuming. However, by using ET Aviation Brain, the only change needed during the upgrade was the addition of a wide-angle camera at each security channel during the airport upgrade.

In addition to speeding up security check, Alibaba Cloud ET Aviation Brain has improved the accuracy of security checks. It has successfully identified five passengers with fake passports since it was put into operation more than one month ago. Even a passenger in disguise cannot escape from the identification by Alibaba Cloud ET Aviation Brain.

Alibaba Cloud ET Aviation Brain can still accurately recognize passengers with costumes or disguises

Facial recognition has a long history of being used to explore smart airports and improve airport security, such as at Los Angeles International Airport, Singapore Changi Airport, Sydney Airport. Hangzhou is the first city where Alibaba Cloud ET Aviation Brain successfully applied its facial recognition technology extensively in the airport environment.

At Beijing Capital International Airport, Alibaba Cloud ET Aviation Brain not only implements security checks but also parking bay dispatching. It uses methods such as logistics optimization and cognitive inversion to refresh the parking arrangement of 1,700 flights within 5 seconds, which improves the utilization of bridge parking bays by 10%. This means 20,000 passengers do not take shuttle bus every day.

Alibaba Cloud ET Aviation Brain cooperates with China Southern Airlines to make it the first airline company with paperless and fully digital operation. XiamenAir and Alibaba Cloud jointly hold the TIANCHI AI Competition for Aviation to collect algorithms for optimizing intelligent flight dispatching.

Alibaba Cloud has upheld the practice of applying AI in industries and creating values. In addition to ET Aviation Brain, Alibaba Cloud has introduced ET City Brain and Industrial Brain to cities, industries, and medical care.

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