Best Practices and Tips for Working with Flink State: Flink Advanced Tutorials

Flink State Overview

Classification of State Backends

  • FsStateBackend: This state backend provides better performance. With FsStateBackend, local states are maintained as on-heap objects, which also means that users may potentially run into OutOfMemory errors. It does not support incremental checkpoints.
  • RocksDBStateBackend: This state backend allows much larger state sizes, making it a good choice for most applications.

Overview and Configuration Options of RocksDB State Backend

Best Practices and Tips

Operator State Usage Tips

  • Use long lists with caution
  • Use UnionListState correctly

Keyed State Usage Tips

  • How to clear application states?
  • How to handle huge values in RocksDB
  • How to monitor the overall performance of RocksDB State Backend
  • How to optimize the memory allocation of RocksDB in container environments

Checkpoint Usage Tips

  • Set an appropriate checkpoint interval
  • Specify a proper timeout period

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