Best Practices for Building Secure Global Networks (Internal and External)

By Alibaba Cloud Network

Global Connection and Comprehensive Protection

Private Network Isolation

Encrypted Transmission

Prevention of DNS Hijacking and Domain Name Pollution

Powerful Acceleration and Ultimate Security

To solve these problems, Alibaba Cloud’s Apsara Cloud Network Management launched Global Accelerator (GA), which is a global network acceleration service. Based on Alibaba’s high-quality BGP bandwidth and global network, this service can direct user traffic to nearby acceleration nodes and deploy applications across regions. This can reduce the negative impact of network issues such as latency, jitter, and packet loss on service quality, providing global users with a high-availability and high-performance network acceleration service.

GA integrates scheduling and acceleration capabilities to provide high-quality, high-performance, high-availability, secure, reliable, and easy-to-deploy network acceleration services. The integration of Anti-DDoS Pro and Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides tiered security protection for enterprise applications.

Work with Anti-DDOS Pro

Work with WAF Protection


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