Best Practices for Spring Cloud Applications in Kubernetes: Deployment (Deployment with Tools)

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By Guyi, Alibaba Cloud Senior Technical Expert, focusing on EDAS development and user experience optimization


Deployment with the IDE Plug-In

If any developer can make arbitrary changes to online applications, they will not be secure. To address this issue, we designed EDAS namespaces to isolate services and configurations in different environments. The environments can be common environments, such as development, testing, and production. To prevent users from accidentally changing the online environment by using the IDE plug-in, we have added the Allow Remote Debugging switch for namespaces. The switch is off by default. To perform corresponding operations by using the IDE plug-in, you have to turn it on, as shown in the following figure.

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Deployment with the Maven Plug-In

Deployment with CI/CD

Currently, many users are using Apsara DevOps, which has integrated powerful pipeline capabilities. EDAS has a built-in task template for pipelines named Deploy applications to EDAS.

Orchestration with Terraform

EDAS has also integrated the currently popular Infrastructure as Code (IaC) concept and embraces the Terraform ecosystem. It has provided an official plug-in for users to orchestrate applications to corresponding underlying IaaS and other PaaS resources in an IaC manner.

Deployment with CLI

The CLI in EDAS is built based on the Alibaba Cloud CLI using the POP API as the command and using the API parameters as the command-line parameters. In other words, using the CLI is essentially converted to POP API calls. For more information, see Use CLI to deploy EDAS applications in the official documentation of EDAS.

Summary and What to Do Next

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