Best Practices in AutoNavi: Benefits of Serverless on Large Scale Implementations

Business Scenarios

Independent travel is the core service of AutoNavi, which involves travel-related requirements and carries the largest volume of user traffic within AutoNavi. The following figure shows some scenarios of Node FaaS in the core business of independent travel. They are main scene page, route planning page, and navigation end page from left to right.

Business Benefits

From the support of above business scenarios, we can see the excellent performance of Serverless. What are the benefits in using Serverless since traditional applications can bring the same experience?

Simpleness and Efficiency

For traditional Back-end For Front-end (BFF) layer applications, as time goes by and business demands increase, the BFF layer also gradually becomes thick. The piled-up redundant code evolves into a nightmare for developers, with a minor change causing major influence. As the iterative change of personnel, the developer of the module will also change, and the BFF layer will gradually become a module that no one knows and dares to move.

Elasticity and Cost

Based on the traffic trend data, we can observe the traffic characteristic of the map scenario. The difference between the peak traffic and the low peak traffic is obvious. According to traditional applications, the resource preparation should be based on the highest traffic peak. Therefore, in the low traffic peak period, many machines will be redundant, which wastes the cost.


Observability is an essential attribute of diagnosis platform for launched applications. It helps users observe the changes of response time, resource usage, and full-link calls of system applications to quickly diagnose bottlenecks in system applications. Alibaba Cloud Function Compute initially and perfectly integrated with Log Service, Cloud Monitor, Tracing Analysis, and Serverless Workflow. Users only need to configure it once for full functions, greatly reducing the learning cost of users. Thus, the rapid diagnosis of applications is realized.

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