Best Practices: Migrating from On-Premises to the Cloud (Part 2)

  • Replication and Synchronization of processes
  • Business Integration and Management with Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Migrating Legacy Data and Applications
  • Post-Migration Challenges and Solutions

Replication and Synchronization

  • Data Latency
  • Deleted Data migration
  • Structure issues with Database
  • Read about Data Transmission service for database migration needs and solutions
  • Schema Migration
  • Sequential transfer of modules one after the other.

Business Intelligence | Integration & Analytics

Legacy Data | Applications

  • You can use the Web+ service for application deployment
  • You must create backup to rollback to when introducing legacy applications into the mix
  • Go through configuration scenarios independently.
  • Use Alibaba Cloud support for any concerns or help.
  • Sort out the usage application data and discard whatever is not needed
  • Run a security check on application and services at different intervals
  • Do not wander from the strategy that you kept in place for the migration operation.

Post-Migration Challenges

Security Challenge

Data Modeling Challenge

Adopting DevOps


Next In Line

  1. Database Migration with Alibaba Cloud
  2. Data Transmission Service — What and How to?

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