Best Security Practices with Hybrid Cloud — Part 2

Alibaba Cloud VPC and Security

Cloud Visibility and Control

  • Choosing the Correct Vendor
  • Assess Your Future Requirements and Expansion Scenarios
  • Leverage Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Human Error | Security Vulnerabilities

  1. Use Encryption for sensitive data to ensure that no data and resource gets infected or prone to an attack.
  2. Even after automation, making sure that the whole system is updated and patched is a great practice to follow.
  3. Maintain Access Control to limit exposure to multiple user bases for any specific administrative task.
  4. Get clarity on your responsibilities as an administrator from your cloud provider.
  5. Administrative teams must be capable enough to work on different level modules of your hybrid cloud system to ensure the maintenance of services.

Orchestration | Security | Flexibility

Access Control | Administrative Controls

Endpoint Security

  • Make sure that these remote devices are checked for security flaws
  • Defining another level of security for sensitive information is a smart move. This can be achieved by defining policies that make it imperative to use a VPN to connect to the secured resources.


Next in Line

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