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  1. The first layer is the service protocol layer that executes the protocol conversion and authentication functions.
  2. The second layer is the consistency management layer that is responsible for maintaining consistency with management and enabling the configuration push.
  3. The third layer is the configuration cache layer. This layer is responsible for enhancing configuration query and delivery efficiency by utilizing the distributed cache.
  4. The last layer is the storage layer. It is a backend distributed storage configuration layer that is used to store configurations. This layer offers high performance and high scalability in operations since it is backed by Alibaba Cloud Storage solutions.

Benefits | Features | ACM |Alibaba Cloud

  • ACM automatically takes care of the necessary recorded information for the user to review later.
  • Any updates to the configuration are automatically queued for delivery and delivered almost instantly.
  • ACM cuts the workload of users by automating most of the tasks associated with configuration management and delivery.
  • Strong integration with APIs to manage changes and provided version history management is another benefit offered by Alibaba Cloud ACM.
  • ACM can also handle audit and diagnosis-based needs of an organization’s application configuration.
  • Its basic and core functionalities are creating, modifying, removing, and querying configurations. With that, synchronizing configuration across environments helps you better control your application management scenarios.
  • Alibaba Cloud ACM enables you to manage the configuration tasks in batches.
  • Supports multiple languages, such as Java, C++, Python, OpenAPI, and HTTP, to enable a more versatile service solution.
  • Configuration management requires a clear format to be followed. When one or more users are handling the same resource, clear description and configuration tags are highly important to increase and maintain efficiency.
  • ACM automatically highlights the syntax and validates the changes made by the user. This increases efficiency and any possible editing mistakes.
  • Alibaba Cloud ACM works well with DevOps a default feature that isolates different stages of an application lifecycle and provides a great differentiation of processes for the user, including daily configuration, sandboxing, or production.
  • Disaster recovery and one-click rollback using version history is another great feature of Alibaba Cloud ACM. Data center-level disaster recovery scenarios make ACM a highly-reliable solution. With a multi-level cache, ACM can provide disaster recovery solutions. It caches the host and the backup database storage, the SDK cache used for configurations, and the full server cache.
  • With Gray release, ACM reduces the risk of faulty configurations making it to production.
  • Alibaba Cloud ACM uses HTTPS for added security and offers standard encryption to secure your sensitive data. Alibaba Cloud RAM is utilized for advanced authorization features and to manage uses.
  • ACM can manage millions of configurations. It adapts to the changing business scenarios and supports DevOps delivery cycles. ACM can effectively deploy massive amounts of configurations concurrently within seconds.

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