Big (Green) Data

Vestas — Improving Performance through Data Analysis

One of the world’s largest turbine companies, Vestas, possesses vast amounts of data collected over the last two decades. Given that big data is not valuable until it is utilized, Vestas became an early adopter of big data analysis in the field of renewable energy.

Siemens — Remotely Controlling over 7,500 Wind Turbines All in One

Two years ago, industrial giant Siemens established a remote diagnostics center located at its global wind service headquarters in Denmark, aiming to monitor big data collected from more than 7,500 Siemens wind turbines set up worldwide.

Conservation International — Protecting Endangered Species with Big Data

In 2013, Conservation International (CI) launched Earth Insights with HP to protect the biodiversity of threatened species in tropical forests using big data. Big data represents an advance over traditional ways of collecting data from tropical forests, which involved scientists travelling to remote regions to study species in person, a time consuming and inefficient process.

Big Data Driving a Sustainable World

Not only does big data help make businesses more profitable, but it also helps to make our world a better place. Big data can improve profitability by providing insights to make production processes more efficient, and at the same time this improved efficiency contributes to less waste or pollution thereby leading to a more environmentally friendly outcome. As technology continues to play an indispensable role in our lives, there’s no reason not to use technology in conjunction with big data to make a positive difference to our planet.



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