Borderless Gaming: The Impact of Cloud on Japan’s Gaming Industry

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As cloud computing continues to force companies to change business models in order to meet customers’ expectations, the gaming industry is no exception. Cloud-based gaming solutions promote the development of advanced games with better user experience and response time, along with low operational and maintenance costs.

Other benefits also include reliable and highly scalable infrastructures, ensured data security and robust, high-memory server clusters. These all facilitate Borderless Gaming — a phenomenon that opens up the entire gamut of possibilities by bringing together game developers, distributors and players from across the world to create an omnichannel gaming ecosystem. The result: rich, creative content and enthralling experiences.

Japan is one of the leaders in the gaming industry, with a rich legacy inventing and developing popular games. It was a pioneer in console gaming that accelerated industry growth and mainstream gaming worldwide. With market players like Nintendo and Sony, Japan has dominated the global gaming market as a major innovator in the last few decades.

Gaming Challenges

Meanwhile, game developers are also facing high development costs too due to rapidly changing customer requirements and demand for high-end gaming experiences. Japanese gaming companies must also redirect efforts in order to maintain their customer base and acquire new advocates, whilst deploying more experiential games such as eSports and mobile games.

Alibaba Cloud’s Borderless Gaming Solution

Alibaba Cloud’s high-performing gaming solution empowers companies to engage and entertain users with advanced games, regardless of geographical location, device type, or demand scale at much lower operational cost.

Here are a few examples of how Alibaba Cloud’s gaming solution and unified platform have empowered the gaming industry to re-write the rules for faster growth:

1 — Cross-Region Deployment

2 — Multi-Layered Game Security

3 — Support Services for Gaming Ecosystem in Japan

In addition, Alibaba Cloud’s latest supporting program, Japan SME Gaming Support (JSGS) facilitates Japanese SME gaming firms to explore new opportunities and stay competitive by offering network and resource support ranging from planning, IP content development, game distribution, to business networking with foreign gaming companies to co-develop new games.

Growing expectations from global gamers and disrupting technologies are forcing gaming companies to evolve faster to stay relevant. To leverage opportunities, game developers and publishers must deliver high-quality, captivating gaming experiences across every medium and device — whether gamers are using high-end consoles, computers, laptops, or mobile phones to play or view games.

Alibaba Cloud offers gaming solutions that simplify game development infrastructure by unifying and accelerating the development and deployment cycle, while delivering gaming accessibility, mobility, and captivating experiences. To find out more, download the Borderless Gaming: Opportunities and Challenges for the Japanese Gaming Market whitepaper today.

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