Borderless Gaming: The Impact of Cloud on Japan’s Gaming Industry

Gaming Challenges

However, ever-changing technology exposes the gaming market to new challenges as well. Developing console-based games has been a core strength for the Japanese industry, and companies building gaming hardware have been dominant internationally. With changing customer demands for new technologies and instant access to games anywhere, the global gaming market is shifting toward eliminating hardware from the gaming experience.

Alibaba Cloud’s Borderless Gaming Solution

Innovation and competition are driving global players in the gaming industry to create high-performing gaming platforms to capture overseas market share. Alibaba Cloud designed a far-and-wide gaming solution and a unified platform to help developers across the globe capitalize on gaming opportunities.

1 — Cross-Region Deployment

Alibaba Cloud’s dedicated regional data centers, 58 availability zones in 20 regions, help gaming companies and publishers deploy games in major gaming markets. With more data centers in Asia, compared to other Cloud vendors, and the highest number of data centers in Southeast Asia, Alibaba Cloud allows gaming companies to access the nearest regional data center to reduce latency and improve quality, via our Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) and Global Accelerator technologies.

2 — Multi-Layered Game Security

Online gaming companies often encounter cybersecurity threats and succumb to DDoS attacks due to vulnerabilities. Such attacks lead to security breaches that compromise personal details of gamers, including bank details, addresses and transaction history. Alibaba Cloud provides multiple layers of security through its Web Application Firewall (WAF) and anti-DDoS solutions to ensure robust defense at scale.

3 — Support Services for Gaming Ecosystem in Japan

Alibaba Cloud provides supporting services for Japanese companies to tap into Alibaba’s resources for growth opportunities, for example, connecting Japanese gaming companies with Alibaba’s B2C retail platform, Tmall, for gaming-related product sales.

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