Build a Personalized Recommendation System on Alibaba Cloud in Three Steps



Figure 1. The overall framework of recommendation algorithms

Schema Design

Figure 2. Schema of tables in AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL in a personalized recommendation system
news_id bigint,
create_time timestamp,
title varchar(100),
content varchar(200),
keywords varchar(50),
click_times bigint,
two_hour_click_times bigint,
news_vector real[],
primary key (news_id)
) distributed by (news_id);
CREATE TABLE browses_history (
browse_id bigint,
news_id bigint,
person_id bigint,
browse_time timestamp,
primary key (browse_id)
) distributed by (browse_id);
person_id bigint,
age bigint,
star float,
primary key (person_id)
) distributed by (person_id);

Implementing a Personalized Recommendation System

1) Extract News Feature Vectors

select feature_extractor('text', 'ADB For PG is very good!') ;
insert into news(news_id, create_time, title, content, 
keywords, click_times,two_hour_click_times)
values(1, now(),'South Korea military: North Korea launched a UFO eastward in the north Pyeongan Province','According to South Korea's Joint Staff Headquarters, at about 16:30 p.m local time today, North Korea launched a UFO eastward in the north Pyeongan Province.', 'South Korea, North Korea, UFO', 123, 3);

2) Extract User Feature Vectors

select keywords    
from Person p, Browses_History bh, News n
where p.person_id = bh.person_id and bh.news_id = n.news_id and p.person_id = 9527;
select feature_extractor('text', 'NBA sports,finals,Miami Heat,Houston Rockets'));

3) Provide News Recommendations Based on User Feature Vectors

select news_id, title, content, (extract(epoch from (now()-create_time)) * w1 + click_times/extract(epoch from (now()-create_time)) * w2 + two_hour_click_times/extract(epoch from (now()-create_time)) * w3 + ann_distance * w4) as rank_score
from (select *, l2_distance(news_vector, feature_extractor('textf', 'NBA sports,finals,Miami Heat,Houston Rockets')) as ann_distance from news order by ann_distance desc limit 500) S
order by rank_score desc;
  • ann_distance: indicates the degree of correlation between the user and the news.
  • create_time: indicates the time when the news was published.
  • click_times/(now()-create_time): indicates the total CTR of the news.
  • two_hour_click_times/(now()-create_time): indicates the CTR of the news within the last two hours.
  • w1, w2, w3, and w4: indicate the weights of all attributes during the learning of the logistic regression model.

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