Building an End-to-End IoT “Thing Model” on Alibaba Cloud

What Is the “Thing Model”?

Building a Simple IoT Solution on Alibaba Cloud

Device Configuration

#define PRODUCT_KEY             "a1xxxxxxxxo"
#define DEVICE_NAME "QSxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHc"
#define DEVICE_SECRET "O6xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEi"
Build complete
Making .gdbinit
firmware upload succeed
netmgr connect SSID PASSWORD
# netmgr connect mywifi mypassword
[330060]<I> Will connect via at cmd: AT+WJAP=mywifi,mypassword
# [330100]<I> AT command AT+WJAP=mywifi,mypassword succeed, rsp:
[337560]<I> AT command AT+WJAPIP? succeed, rsp:
[337580]<I> AT command AT+WMAC? succeed, rsp:

Data Dump

items.Accelerometer.value.X, items.Accelerometer.value.Y, items.Accelerometer.value.Z, deviceName() as deviceName, timestamp('yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss') as time

Data Visualization with DataV

"table_name": "your table name",
"direction": "BACKWARD",
"columns": [],
"range": {
"limit": 30,
"start": {
"deviceName": "your device name",
"time": "2019-01-30 17:12:44"
"end": {
"deviceName": "your device name",
"time": "2018-08-08 17:56:14"




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