Building Highly Scalable Marketing Campaigns with Alibaba Cloud

By Alberto Roura, Alibaba Cloud MVP.

As far as I see it, Alibaba Cloud is increasingly becoming the place where growing organizations choose to migrate their websites and campaigns to the cloud. By choosing Alibaba Cloud for building scalable marketing campaigns, companies and business alike can witness an unending flow of rewards to their business operations. Specifically, thanks to the distributed architecture of Apsara Stack, including its operating System, hardware and other unique services, you can expect anything less than everything running completely smoothly.

Today, I’m going to go over the questions: Why Alibaba Cloud? Why is Alibaba Cloud the cloud provider that many popular businesses these days opt for it? And how can you run your next big campaign with them?

Alibaba Cloud

Why Alibaba Cloud?

TMALL 11 11 (Singles Day)

The Double 11 Global Shopping Festival, heard of it? No? Well, let me tell you that it’s the best example of good performance in busy situations when it comes to the cloud. The day in China used to be known as Single’s Day, basically a spin-off of Valentine’s Day. Now, every 11 of November Alibaba holds the biggest and most-busy online ecommerce festival in the world. And it always runs super smoothly — without a hiccup!

To give you an idea of how big the event is, think about Amazon Prime Day, which, by the way, crashed during the first minutes last time! Ouch! And then, multiply it by 30. Engineers at Alibaba Cloud have the experience of how to do these kind of things right! Like no other cloud provider does.

Now Let’s Know Your Situation

Developing a one-off app for a campaign can be, consequently, a very frustrating and mindboggling experiment. That frustration comes most of the times from trying to figure out how you supposed to architect the infrastructure solution for the campaign. Should you create a scaling group of 10 instances? 100 perhaps? Or 1000? Who knows, right?

Scalability. That thing.

Also, there are plenty of disaster examples, even from large companies like BestBuy, Netflix, ClickFrenzy, just to name three! Yes, it happens even in the best families, or companies I mean. But that is not an excuse for you, isn’t now? I guess you could say that the good thing about the Internet is that, when something bad happens to a big company, everyone instantly learns the lesson.

SaaS to the Rescue


Ideal Campaign Architecture

Ideal Campaign Architecture

The campaign lives on an Object Storage Service (OSS) bucket with CDN in front of it. All the requests will go using AJAX to API Gateway, which validates the request for you. The API uses Function Compute as a backend and processes the submitted data from the campaign. This, then, safely stores the customer information on Table Store.

So, in other words, it doesn’t matter if your campaign is becoming crazy viral on the wild, wild Internet, it’s going to keep accepting visits like a pro.

So, guys, what I mean is, Alibaba Cloud has your back.

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