Century Mart’s Serverless Exploration during Double 11

Evolution of Technical Architecture

2014 and Before: Difficulties of a Physical Single-Machine Architecture

2014–2018: Evolution of Central Computer Room Architecture

  • Problems can be fixed in a centralized manner;
  • Commodity and price adjustment are processed through the network;
  • Data can be centrally queried and counted.
  • Managers need to master details of all machines;
  • Downtime and network disconnection may occur during O&M, causing difficulties in check and weakness of emergency solutions.

2018 — Mid-2019: All-round Cloud Migration

Mid-2019 — Double 11 in 2019: Exploration and Practice of Serverless

Advantages of Using Serverless:

  • Instantaneous elastic scaling without human intervention eliminates availability problems of services due to traffic bursts.
  • Simple O&M and management. Functions can be deployed and updated with one click so that there is no need to understand the network distribution architecture. The deployment process is simpler. Ordinary R&D personnel are able to operate functions without requiring special personnel.
  • It is no longer necessary to allocated budget in advance. Users are charged according to resources used, which greatly solves communication troubles between technology and finance departments.
  • In flash sales scenarios, there are significant request peaks and troughs. With Serverless, there is no need to prepare a large number of machines, resulting in great cost savings.

Drawbacks of Using Serverless:

  • Due to high cold start latency, user experience of some requests is terrible. This is a common problem encountered by Serverless developers at that time.

2020 Double 11: Alibaba Cloud FC 2.0 and Full Embrace of Serverless

Food for Thought: Why do Traditional Enterprises Need to Pay More Attention to Serverless?

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