ChaosBlade — An Open-Source Chaos Engineering Tool by Alibaba

Service Stability through High Availability

Introduction to ChaosBlade

Reasons for Making ChaosBlade Open Source

  • To help more people understand and work on chaos engineering.
  • To streamline the process of chaos engineering.
  • To discover and improve more and more chaos engineering experiment scenarios with community contributions, and to jointly promote the development of the chaos engineering industry.

Problems Solved by ChaosBlade

Measuring Fault Tolerance Capability of Microservices

Verifying the Reasonableness of Container Orchestration Configuration

Verifying the Robustness of the PaaS layer

Verifying the Timeliness of Monitoring Alarms

Verifying the Ability to Locate and Solve Problems upon Emergencies

Functions and Features of ChaosBlade

Extensive Scenarios

Simple to Use and Easy to Understand

Convenient Scenario Scaling

Evolution History of ChaosBlade

Short-Term Planning

Function Iteration

  • Enhance the JVM drill scenarios to support more Java mainstream frameworks, such as Redis an GRPC
  • Enhance the Kubernetes drill scenarios
  • Add support for other applications such as C++ and Node.js

Community Construction

  1. Welcome to visit ChaosBlade’s GitHub. You are encouraged to contribute to the community in as many aspects as you are interested, including but not limited to:
  • Architecture design
  • Module design
  • Code implementation
  • Bug fix
  • Demo
  • Document and website translation

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