Choosing the Right ECS Instance through Benchmarking


1. Motivation

2. Benchmarking Environment Setup

3. Selecting the Right Instance

3.1. Family Type Selection

3.2 Instance Type Selection

3.3 Benchmarking Tool and Criteria

4. Benchmarking Result

4.1. CPU

i. Test Profile — pts/ffmpeg

ii. Test Profile — pts/openssl-1.8.0

iii. Test Profile — pts/compress-gzip

iv. Test Profile — pts/apache

v. Test Profile — pts/stress-ng

4.2. Memory

i. Test Profile — pts/stream (Copy)

ii. Test Profile — pts/stream (Scale)

iii. Test Profile — pts/stream (Triad)

iv. Test Profile — pts/stream (Add)

v. Test Profile — pts/ramspeed (Integer)

vi. Test Profile — pts/ramspeed (Floating Point)

4.3. Storage

i.Test Profile — pts/fio (Random Read — MB/s)

ii.Test Profile — pts/fio (Random Read — IOPS)

iii.Test Profile — pts/fio (Random Write — MB/s)

iv.Test Profile — pts/fio (Random Write — IOPS)

v.Test Profile — pts/fio (Sequential Read — MB/s)

vi.Test Profile — pts/fio (Sequential Read — IOPS)

vii.Test Profile — pts/fio (Sequential Write — MB/s)

viii.Test Profile — pts/fio (Sequential Write — IOPS)

4.4. Network Throughput

i. Test Profile — pts/iperf (TCP)

ii. Test Profile — pts/iperf (UDP)

5. Conclusion

6. Appendix

sudo apt-get install --yes ./phoronix-test-suite_7.6.0_all.deb unzip
phoronix-test-suite install pts/openssl-1.8.0
phoronix-test-suite install pts/apache
phoronix-test-suite install pts/stress-ng
phoronix-test-suite install pts/compress-gzip
phoronix-test-suite install pts/ffmpeg
phoronix-test-suite install pts/stream
phoronix-test-suite install pts/ramspeed
phoronix-test-suite install pts/fio
phoronix-test-suite install pts/iperf
sudo apt-get install --yes iperf3
iperf3 -s



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