Cirrus Audit: Multicloud Resource Optimization Tool

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Project Introduction

Cirrus Audit is an enterprise-grade multi-cloud resource optimization tool. We help you achieve high cloud efficiency by abstracting away all the cloud APIs, so that you can just focus on the actual usage.

Target Problems

Traditionally, this type of cloud tool supports only one provider and usually becomes very slow if several users are using it at the same time. The reason for this slowdown is because the same back-end needs to deal with multiple API calls simultaneously. The solution usually comes by throwing a load balancer with multiple ECS instances in it to deal with the growing demand. Expensive, but an easy fix. Of course, this path makes the final subscription price quite high due to the resource footprint. This was never an issue as, at the end of the day, only big companies were dealing with cloud computing extensively.


With the problem in mind, and the fact that the cloud market is growing so fast in the APAC region, we needed to decide where to locate all our application’s pieces in order to perform excellently where most of our customers would be, which is in countries like Australia, Singapore, India or China.

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Cirrus Audit

Alibaba Cloud Products used

Cirrus Audit is leveraging a range of products from this cloud provider such as OSS, API Gateway, Function Compute, Logstore by Log Service, and Tablestore. It makes a really nice serverless ecosystem altogether. You learn more about these products by visiting their product pages:

Technology Highlights

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About the Team

Roopu Cloud is a European-based company specialized on Chinese Cloud, mostly focused on offering consulting services on Alibaba Cloud. Roopu Cloud was founded by Alberto Roura and Pablo Puig, both Alibaba Cloud MVPs and ACP certified professionals. Roopu Cloud is an official partner of Alibaba Cloud and the Alibaba Cloud Academy, offering a wide range of services on this provider.

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