Cloud Computing and Cyber Security Paves the Path to Fourth Industrial Revolution

Transformation from CAPEX to OPEX

What’s more, Cloud Computing drives down capital expenditure (CAPEX) on traditional infrastructure and empowers companies to concentrate on what truly matters — their business — safe in the knowledge that scalability is a thing of the past.

Security and Trust — The Ultimate Currency in the Cloud Industry

That said, Cloud Computing also comes with its challenges such as cyber security and in keeping users’ data safe and secure.

Customer-Centric Business Model

At Alibaba Cloud, customers are our top priority and at the core of everything that we do. That is why we have grown so strongly in recent years as more and more customers transition to the Cloud with Alibaba Cloud, seeking collaboration to make them more productive while driving down IT expenditure and realizing greater return-on-investment (ROI).

Protection and Peace-of-Mind; Higher ROI and lower TCO with Alibaba Cloud

AirAsia is one such company which relies on Alibaba Cloud to protect itself from Bots attacks, allowing for better customer experience and safer skies.



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Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

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