Cloud Enterprise Network Migration with Express Connect

Alibaba Cloud Express Connect offers point-to-point connectivity between networks. To ensure communication, a peering connection (VRouter interface) must be established between two network instances, and a static route must then be configured. These features impact the ease of use of the product, so for in-cloud communication using the full mesh connectivity of the Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) with automatic dynamic routing learning is a better choice.

Concepts and Differences

Express Connect (EC) is a service that helps you build private network communication channels between VPCs or between a VPC and your local IDC. These channels feature increased network topology flexibility and enhanced cross-network communication quality and security. Express Connect also helps you avoid unstable network quality, and prevents data theft during transmission.

Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) is a service that allows you to create a global network for rapidly building a distributed business system with a hybrid cloud computing solution. CEN enables you to build a secure, private, and enterprise-class interconnected network between VPCs in different regions and your local data centers. CEN provides enterprise-class scalability that automatically responds to your dynamic computing requirements.

Alibaba Cloud Express Connect and CEN differ in these aspects:

Migration Basics

If a physical connection is established for access, no change is needed for the physical connection between your IDC and Alibaba Cloud Virtual Border Router (VBR). You simply need to change the connection mode from the VBR to the VPC instance.

Migration Procedure

Offline migration is the simplest method, as only the network between the VBR and VPC instance is disconnected.

Express Connect Application Limitations

Express Connect primarily provides the following two functions:

Limitations on Hybrid Cloud

Traffic is forwarded through VBRs.

Limitations on Communication between in-cloud VPCs

The intermediate VPC does not support traffic forwarding.

Why Migrate to CEN?

Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) will become the main in-cloud peering product of Alibaba Cloud. Compared with Express Connect, CEN offers the following advantages:

These advantages will eliminate the limitations on application scenarios of Express Connect.

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