Cloud Native Image Distribution System Dragonfly Announces to Join CNCF

Today Cloud Native Computing Foundation( CNCF ) announces: cloud native image distribution system Dragonfly joins CNCF as a sandbox level project. Dragonfly’s joining CNCF is a milestone event for both. Dragonfly’s value has been recognized by industry, and it will collaborate with community and the whole ecosystem to work on solving enterprises’ problems in digital transformation. For CNCF, it firstly adopts distribution as a new layout to speed up business delivery efficiency.

Dragonfly is an open source project from Alibaba Group which aims to tackle image distribution problems in distributed orchestration systems based on Kubernetes. In the era of digital transformation, industry enterprises are all evolving to adopt micro-services, and try to take advantage of cloud platform to optimize business management. Dragonfly is sourced from Alibaba, trained in actual scenarios, and solves three aspects problems in cloud native image distribution proactively:

efficiency, flow control and security:

  • distribution efficiency: with P2P and CDN technology, reduce image distribution time drastically, speed up business delivery;
  • distribution flow control: with intelligent analysis technology, dynamically balance distribution workload and business running, realize load’s dynamical control, guarantee business’ stable running;
  • distribution security: support HTTPs protocol in private image registry, encrypt distribution content, ensure security on data.

“Dragonfly’s joining CNCF is one of the most convincing evidence that Alibaba embraces cloud native actively,” Lin Hao (nick: Bixuan), the principle of Alibaba Research Efficiency, says, “We are honored to cooperate with CNCF globally to promote Dragonfly’s adoption all around the world.”

Dragonfly started in June 2015 from Alibaba, and becomes one of Alibaba’s core fundamental infrastructure technologies in 2017. In November of that year, Dragonfly is announced open source with Alibaba’s container engine PouchContainer. With being open source for one year, Drgaonfly is favored by industry. Currently, Dragonfly has been used in fields including e-commerce, telecom, financial, internet and so on. And featured companies include Alibaba, China Mobile, Ant Financial, Huya, Didi, iFLYTEK, and so on. Just because wide adoption in ecosystem, Dragonfly has a smooth journey to join CNCF as a sandbox level project.

Embracing CNCF as a sandbox project is far away from the finish time. Dragonfly is committed to continue working with technical roadmap, shaping bright future of image management in cloud native area. Dragonfly aims to providing general services in Kubernetes out of box. In aspect of community, Dragonfly will work with ecosystem end-users and developers to make it successful. For more details about Dragonfly, please follow @dragonfly_oss and see Github


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