Comprehensive Understanding of Transaction Isolation Levels

Section 1: Transaction Isolation Levels

  • Dirty read: SQL-transaction T1 modifies a row. SQL- transaction T2 then reads that row before T1 performs a COMMIT. If T1 then performs a ROLLBACK, T2 will have read a row that was never committed and that may thus be considered to have never existed.
  • Non-repeatable read: SQL-transaction T1 reads a row. SQL- transaction T2 then modifies or deletes that row and performs a COMMIT. If T1 then attempts to reread the row, it may receive the modified value or discover that the row has been deleted.
  • Phantom: SQL-transaction T1 reads the set of rows N that satisfy some . SQL-transaction T2 then executes SQL-statements that generate one or more rows that satisfy the used by SQL-transaction T1. If SQL-transaction T1 then repeats the initial read with the same , it obtains a different collection of rows.
A1 Dirty read: w1[x] ... r2[x] ... (a1 and c2 in any order)
A2 Fuzzy read: r1[x] ... w2[x] ... c2 ... r1[x] ... c1
A3 Phantom read: r1[P] ... w2[y in P] ... c2 ... r1[P] ... c1
P1 Dirty Read: w1[x]...r2[x]...(c1 or a1)
P2 Fuzzy Read: r1[x]...w2[x]...(c1 or a1)
P3 Phantom: r1[P]...w2[y in P]...(c1 or a1)
P4 Lost update: r1[x]...w2[x]...w1[x]...c1
A5A Read skew: r1[x]… w2[x]... w2[y]… c2… r1[y]… (c1 or a1)
A5B Write skew: r1[x]… r2[y]… w1[y]… w2[x]… (c1 and c2 occur)
A5B2 Write skew 2: r1[P]... r2[P]… w1[y in P]... w2[x in P]...(c1 and c2 occur)
r1[x=50] r2[x=50] w2[x=60] c2 w1[x=70] c1
(x+y=100) r1[x=50] w2[x=10] w2[y=90] c2 r1[y=90] c1
(x+y>=60) r1[x=50] r2[y=50] w1[y=10] c1 w2[x=10] c2
(count(P)<=4):r1[count(P)=3],r2[count(P)=3],insert1[x in P],insert2[y in P],c1,c2,

Section 2: Isolation Level Implementation

2.1 Lock-based Isolation Level Implementation

  • Item lock: Lock the accessed row to prevent dirty or fuzzy reads.
  • Predicate lock (gap lock): Lock the search scope. If a full table is scanned, lock the whole table to prevent phantom reads.
  • Short duration: Release a lock after a statement ends.
  • Long duration: Release a lock after a transaction is committed or rolled back.

2.2 Oracle Isolation Level Implementation

2.3 MySQL (InnoDB) Isolation Level Implementation

Section 3: MySQL (X-Engine) Isolation Level Implementation

Section 4: Summary

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