Comprehensive Upgrade of Alibaba Cloud Auto Scaling Product

Richer Configurations and More Flexible Management

Scaling groups support adding or modifying SLB instances and ApsaraDB for RDS instances

Server Load Balancer

ApsaraDB for RDS

Auto Scaling supports configuration modification, image-based default password, and other functions

Auto Scaling supports setting UserData, KeyPair, RamRole, and Tags

Higher Creation Success Rate and Business Availability

Support for multi-zone scale-up and multiple instance types (Alibaba Cloud is the first cloud service provider in the world that supports multiple instance types)

Multi-zone instance balancing mode

Increased Instance Management Capabilities

Support for instance standby status, instance protection mode, and instance detachment operation

Support for Instance Lifecycle Management

LifecycleHook feature

Improved Scaling Experience

Enhanced smooth elasticity

Event Notification

Lower TCO

Preemptive instances (formerly known as spot price instances) further lower costs




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