Connect Environments with Alibaba Cloud Express Connect — Part 2: Use Cases

Usage Scenarios | Express Connect | Alibaba Cloud

Scenario 1: Connecting an On-Premise Data Center to a VPC

Let’s start by going through an architectural overview of how Express Connect is used to connect an on-premises data center to Alibaba Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).

Scenario 2: Call It Hybrid?

The evolution of cloud computing allowed the hybrid cloud to evolve. The technology stack and solution get upgraded together. With an Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud setup, users can leverage the benefits of multiple products that come integrated with the solution. A hybrid cloud setup is dependent on uninterrupted connectivity.

Storage | Database | Hybrid Cloud | Express Connect

Alibaba Cloud offers Object Storage Service (OSS), Network Attached Storage (NAS), and other storage services for businesses and enterprises to leverage. If you are deploying using any of these storage services, you get cross-region disaster recovery and a redundant system automatically.

Scenario 3: Disaster Recovery

Let’s start by looking at the architecture used to implement cross-region disaster recovery using Alibaba Cloud Express Connect.

Scenario 4: Non-Critical | Simple Network Architecture

In this scenario, heavy resource orchestration is not required. Unlike the complex business connectivity scenario depicted above, multiple redundancies at every stage are not required. Let’s take a look at the architectural flow of this scenario on the chart below:

Wrapping Up

Alibaba Cloud Express Connect makes it easy to set up secure communications between different network resources across regions and zones. Featuring high-availability and elasticity, Alibaba Cloud Express Connect enables enterprises to get things done without worrying about infrastructure management or maintenance. The amalgamation of solutions like Alibaba Cloud CEN and Express Connect, outshine any similar service and provides enterprises with a connectivity backbone to run and expand their businesses easily.

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