Containers and Cloud Native Technology: Realizing the Value of Cloud

Cloud-native Technology Carves Out a Shortcut for Digital Transformation

Alibaba Container Technology

Seeking Outstanding Performance with Cloud-native Bare Metal

  • The new-generation X-Dragon architecture provides industry-leading I/O forwarding capabilities and network bandwidth of up to 100 Gbit/s. The high-speed Terway container network of Alibaba Cloud is accelerated through the network interface controller and data plane, reducing the latency by 30%.
  • The seventh-generation instances support a maximum of 192 vCPUs. ACK’s CPU-based intelligent scheduling improves QPS by 20% to 30% without the need for any application adjustment and reduces 50% of the computing costs by increasing the density of ENI network interface controllers.
  • In support of Alibaba Cloud Container Security, ECS Bare Metal Instances offer enhanced end-to-end security isolation and improve performance 30% relative to open-source solutions. They also support Alibaba Cloud’s first confidential computing container, which relies on integrated hardware and software to protect data privacy.

Adapting to the New Normal Using ECS Bare Metal Instances

Opening Up to Meet Various Industry Needs

Case Study: STO Express

  1. Application containerization: Compared with virtual machines, containers can increase efficiency, making containers more suitable for microservice scenarios. Application containerization solves the problem of environment inconsistency and ensures the consistency of applications in the development, testing, and production environments.
  2. Microservice transformation: Previously, many services were implemented through Oracle-based storage procedures and triggers. Service dependencies between systems were also synchronized through the OGG database. The challenge was that the systems were very difficult to maintain and very unstable. To implement the microservice solution, we introduced the service discovery feature of Kubernetes and split the services by business domain to make the entire system easier to maintain.


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Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

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