Creating an Alibaba Cloud Container Service Application with Docker Swarm

What Is Alibaba Cloud’s Container Service?

Alibaba Cloud’s Container Service is a scalable, high-performance, container management product that allows you to orchestrate and manage containerized application lifecycles with either Docker Swarm or Kubernetes. Container Service comes with an automatic built in Server Load Balancer that is installed Pay-As-You-Go.

What Is Docker Swarm?

Docker is an open source, virtualization management tool that allows you to develop, deploy, manage, and monitor applications and collections of applications that run within containers. This process is known as containerization. Docker Swarm is a clustering, scheduling, and orchestration tool for such systems and environments that are running on multiple and scalable Docker containers.

Why Do We Need a Cluster?

Before we can install a suite of running Docker containers with Alibaba Cloud’s Container Service Docker Swarm option, we need to have an Alibaba Cloud Container Service Docker Swarm cluster ready and available for implementing our containerized systems.


You will need an Alibaba Cloud account. If you don’t already have one, head over to the Free Trial page to access $300 worth of Alibaba Cloud products in the Alibaba Cloud New User Free Trial.

Check the Alibaba Cloud Container Service Cluster Is Running

Let’s first make sure our Docker Swarm cluster is running. Head over to the Container Service console page in your Alibaba Cloud account.

Create a Docker Swarm Container Service Application

Go to the Applications menu option and click Create Application.

Creating a Container by Pulling a Docker Image

Add a description of your application and select the Pull Docker Image option.

Creating a Container with an Orchestration Template

Now let’s integrate WordPress with nginx on the same cluster.


First, we explained how we had already built an Alibaba Cloud Container Service Docker Swarm cluster in preparation for building out a containerized environment and we checked it was running correctly.



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