Data Insights in Cybersecurity Part 1: Intro to ssdeep and XOR.DDoS Case Study


Problem Statement

Why Fuzzy Hash?

Fuzzy Hashing to the Rescue: ssdeep

Sitting on the Pile of Data

Connecting It All Together


MD5:     d6a6dee6afa6879b729a0af3cde7ff33
SHA1: 47ed693d195558507e4258527f7d4d 4968d34f38
SHA256: dba757c20fbc1d81566ef2877a9bfca9
Ssdeep: 6144:3SDFOrnwRgUbMisI6sdkH+M6hWOcy5KOZW7U6NCEqPdf/
XOR.DDoS binary similarity graphs with 10,000 samples. Larger circles indicate more connections to particular variants.
XOR.DDoS binary similarity graph, a different view.


Original Source:



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