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  • Data Migration: This mode is used to reduce any downtime since it is mostly used for one-time migration scenarios. Incremental data migration can be used to replicate changes in real-time.
  • Data Integration: This mode is used for larger migration jobs. In this mode, DTS schedules the migration tasks and migrates the data at regular intervals.
  • Data Synchronization: As the name suggests, this mode is used to synchronize data in real-time between two data stores. This is recommended most for a distributed system.
  • Change Tracking: This mode is used to capture changes made to the data store.


  • Completely managed data migration service that requires less management and maintenance
  • Multiple replication modes for different use-case scenarios
  • Highly stable data transmission
  • Supports multiple engines, architectures, and a variety of database engines for migration
  • Supports resumable transmission in case of failures
  • Helps create a distributed data system
  • Integrates Resource Access Management (RAM) to define fine-grained authorization policies for managing DTS tasks
  • Supports scheduled and incremental data transmission


  • HA Manager performs continuous health checks on each server. If any issue is detected, the workload shifts to the redundant service without any delay. Similarly, if there is an endpoint change detected, the HA manager reconfigures the data sources for proper functioning.
  • Monitoring Server: The HA manager and the monitoring server are a part of the same module and work in sync with each other. The main difference is that the Monitoring server sends data back and forth to the DTS console and the scheduler.

Migration Mode

  • Before Migration — The Data Transmission Service (DTS) creates a schema migration scenario to define all of the data objects and types in the target database.
  • During the Full Migration Phase — Data from the source database is replicated to the target database while keeping the source database operational and continuing with updates.
  • Incremental Migration — The Data Transmission Service (DTS) utilizes incremental data migration to read and capture data in real-time.

Synchronization Mode

  • Initial Data Load
  • Ongoing Replication

Tracking Mode


No Downtime

Remote Disaster Recovery | Geo Redundancy

Integration with Cloud BI

Real-Time Big Data Analytics

  • Coupling and betterment of low-latency data before it is processed to analytical tools
  • Ad-hoc discovery

Decrease Remote Access


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