DDoS Attacks from Proxy Servers the New Normal | Alibaba Cloud Security Operations Center

Attack Frequency Remained High During the COVID-19 Epidemic

Gaming, Healthcare, and Online Education Have Become New Targets

Attacks Mainly Originated from Proxy Servers, Zombies, and Cloud Servers

Different Attack Types Have Different Characteristics, Requiring Targeted Defense Measures

  • 78.6% from proxy IP addresses
  • 20.65% from zombies
  • 0.68% from major cloud servers
  • 12.40% for proxy servers
  • 87.42% for zombies
  • 0.18% for cloud servers

1) Proxy Server Attacks Have Become a Norm, and Enterprises Need to Pay More Attention to Them

2) Enterprises Should Adjust Their Defense Strategies for Scattered Zombie Attack Sources

3) Attacks Initiated by Major Cloud Servers Have Been Significantly Reduced


1) Exercise Caution When Blacklisting IP Addresses

2) Defense Effectiveness Is Limited When Only IP Addresses with a High Access Frequency Are Blacklisted

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