DDoS Protection with Anti-DDoS Pro

  1. Low: This mode scrubs traffic that displays common attack patterns. The mode provides moderate protection capabilities and has a low false positive rate.
  2. Normal: This mode scrubs traffic that displays common and likely attack patterns. The mode maintains an optimal balance between protection and false positives.
  3. Strict: This mode provides the most rigorous protection against malicious traffic and may cause a certain number of false positives.

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Configure layer 4 anti-DDoS protection settings

  1. You can configure a session persistence policy based on IP address to forward requests from the same IP address to the same origin server.
  2. You can configure a health check policy to check the availability of the origin server. The purpose of a health check is to ensure that requests from the client are not forwarded to servers where exceptions have occurred.
  3. Anti-DDoS protection policies are based on IPs and ports. To mitigate DDoS attacks, you can configure policies to set limits on parameters, such as the request rate or packet length.

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