Deciphering Data to Uncover Hidden Insights — Data Stories (2)

Visualizing Data (Practical)

As discussed earlier, we are going to visualize the use cases to decipher the data to uncover the hidden insights, besides in the previous article we learnt some of the features of the Quick BI and how to leverage Quick BI to derive business insights out of the given data.

Use Case 1: ATM Analytics

Here we will use the data from ATM Dataset and ATM Master Dataset. We already ingested the datasets in the QuickBI and created the dataset “ATM Analytics” to analyze and visualize the use case to make better informed decisions.

Hidden Insights from the ATM Data

  1. It gives KPI (Key Performance Indicators) or Overview of ATMs
  2. We can infer that ATM — 5 has high transaction volume despite less number of transactions when compared to ATM — 2.
  3. We can infer that there is suddenly a great dip in Number of Transactions and Transaction Volume in December month of 2016. This might due to the natural calamity.
  4. We can also infer that the transactions are more in Working Day than in Holidays. This might be due to the corporate crowd.
  5. Transaction Pattern by Holiday Sequence chart clearly depicts “WWW” sequence has more number of transactions than other holiday sequences which complements the above inference.
  6. We can infer that ATM — 2 is performing much better than other ATMs.
  7. We can also infer that ATM — 4 is most likely operated by our own customers and ATM — 5 is most likely operated by other customers.

Visualizing Data (Best Practices)

  1. Use appropriate charts to display the data. For example, use a bar chart to show discrete, numerical comparisons across categorical values. Use a pie chart to show the proportional distribution of the data.
  2. Use tiles or cards to quickly enable the consumers to understand KPI or Overview of the business.
  3. Use proper titles for the charts.
  4. Name the x and y axis without any “_” or special characters.
  5. Use same color for a measure across the canvases.
  6. Use legends and tooltip.
  7. Maintain low oil to ink ratio.


Data is the new fuel in this new era, and I hope that this multi-part article series has helped you in the process of deciphering data to uncover hidden insights, and effectively make use of the features offered by Alibaba Cloud QuickBI to achieve the same.



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