Define Next-Generation Storage for All-New Data Infrastructure

In the age of artificial intelligence, Alibaba Cloud is redefining next-generation storage for the all-new data infrastructure. Data will undoubtedly continue its exponential growth in the future, so the requirements for storage performance are expected to become more demanding. On July 14, 2020, Alibaba Cloud held its fifth new storage product release conference and unveiled seven new storage features, including Fast Snapshot Availability (FSA), HBR snapshot management, and data processing and delivery. These new capabilities will diversify the company’s storage product line and enrich the best practices for industry application scenarios.

1. The major upgrade to the snapshot service reduces the RTO for data protection to seconds.

2. The visual interface of HBR snapshot management elevates the overall user experience.

3. CPFS is upgraded for high-performance scenarios.

4. Hardware and software upgrades double the performance of HCSA.

5. The upgraded index schemas of Tablestore deliver a superior computing and analysis experience

6. The new SLS data processing and delivery service offers out-of-the-box data ETL and forwarding.

7. The new CDN solution empowers businesses to go global.

By upgrading its technology and refining its products over the past decade, Alibaba Cloud’s storage team is committed to helping enterprises push back the boundaries of data storage and circulation, meet their diversified needs, and extract the value of data on their journey of digital transformation.

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