Deploying FreeNAS in Alibaba Cloud ECS

  1. Download FreeNAS ISO.
  2. Upload FreeNAS ISO in Alibaba Cloud OSS.
  3. Grant ECS to use OSS.
  4. Create Custom FreeNAS ISO Image in Alibaba Cloud.
  5. Launch Instance using FreeNAS Custom Image.
  6. Create FreeNAS disk.
  7. Perform FreeNAS Installation.
  8. Unmount Disk from the ECS instance.
  9. Release FreeNAS Instance.
  10. FreeNAS Disk Is ready in Alibaba Cloud
  11. Convert Disk to Snapshot
  12. Convert Snapshot to Image
  13. Launch ECS instance using the image.

Before You Begin

Make sure you have a valid Alibaba Cloud account to try out this experiment. You’ll also need an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance to install FreeNAS. FreeNAS 11.1 requires a 64-bit CPU and a minimum of 8GB RAM.

About FreeNAS

FreeNAS is an operating system that can be installed on virtually any hardware platform to share data over a network.

Download FreeNAS ISO

FreeNAS 11.1 requires a 64-bit CPU and a minimum of 8GB RAM, this version can be download from here.

Create an OSS Bucket

  1. Go to OSS console.
  2. Click Create Bucket to open the Create Bucket dialog box and then create your freenas bucket where you can upload the ISO image which is downloaded from FreeNAS website.
  1. Upload the freeNAS-11.1-U6.iso image to the bucket
  1. Confirm the file is uploaded in the bucket
  1. Grab the Object URL
    Click the name of the target file. The Preview page is displayed and then Copy File URL as shown on the diagram below. This URL will be used for created custom free NAS image.

Create FreeNAS Custom IMAGE

FreeNAS Custom Image Creation: In order to boot the FreeNAS, we need to create a custom image from the ISO file, this image will be used to install the FreeNAS in a disk. To create custom image, perform these steps

  1. OSS Object Address: This will be the OSS object URL which is performed in previous section.
  2. Platform: This will be FreeBSD.
  3. Image Format: RAW

Launch FreeNAS Custom IMAGE

So far, we have created a FreeNAS custom image, now let’s launch this custom image through ECS console. The demo is created under the BillingMethod Pay As you Go, end user can select the billing method as per their needs.

Create FreeNAS Disk in Alibaba Cloud

This disk will hold the installer data of the FreeNAS installation, to create boot disk, go to the ECS console -> Block Storage -> Disks -> Create Disk,

Start FreeNAS Installation

Make sure you have performed all the steps above before executing this one. The installation of FreeNAS will be done using VNC console.

Release Instance & Unmount Disk

First Unmount the Disk from the ECS instance ID, to do this perform this step

Create Custom Image from FreeNAS Disk

This is the final step of creating FreeNAS custom image from the Disk, which will serve as FreeNAS service and instance launch from this image will have FreeNAS service.



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