Developing Secure Applications for the Cloud

The Art of Protecting Consumer Data

One of the greatest responsibilities a developer has when dealing with sensitive consumer data is protecting that data from unauthorized modifications or outright theft. Security concerns are heightened when the application is both deployed to and run on a cloud platform. The act of securing this data includes both protecting data at rest, where it resides in a database, and as the data is transmitted from one server to another. A valuable and necessary protection strategy is encryption.

Proper Use of APIs

Ensuring that you are properly using the APIs provided by your cloud platform can also serve to assist in developing secure applications. This may sound like an obvious practice, but it deserves a mention. Improper use of an API, in some of the worst cases, can result in unauthorized access to data or unauthorized access to application functionality that can put data integrity at risk. It is therefore imperative that the developers applying the API write code with a mindset that puts security first, while providing the API methods with all the necessary information to determine if the user should have access to perform that functionality — and if so, also ensure that the proper action is being taken as per the API documentation.

Alibaba Cloud’s Security Products

As an example of the types of services available for securing cloud applications, consider the solutions offered by Alibaba Cloud:


While developing for a cloud platform can provide certain challenges that are not always present when developing outside the cloud, a few simple practices can go a long way toward securing your application.



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