DevOps Approach with Network-on-Chip and System-on-Chip

By Raghav K.

DevOps assigns responsibilities to each both development and operations team. The basic goal is to provide complete visibility and transparency across the entire pipeline, including every phase (coding, testing, security, and delivery.)

IT operations include a lot more than “ops.” The operations side includes multiple management functions, such as:

The Network-on-Chip (NoC) and System-on-Chip (SoC) concepts are particularly interesting. Hardware is the basis for software to run, and hardware variety is a prominent influencer in software development. An application or software must be compatible with the hardware platform to leverage its true potential.

Network-on-Chip / System-on-Chip

DevOps with NoC and SoC

  1. Collaboration — Implementing collaborative measures between teams as a culture is the only effective method to form collaboration.
  2. Infrastructure as Code (IaC)IaC is the driving link to implement software assessment operations, hardware-based simulations, Electronic Design Automation, and programmable environment configurations.
  3. Continuous Integration and Testing — This is highly useful to create an extensively automated DevOps pipeline based on the cloud-native technology that resolves the DevOps pipeline complexities.
  4. Security Integration — The integration of security practices within the DevOps pipeline is essential if you want to use the pipeline with NoC and SoC.

Design Partnerships and Collaboration

Cross-technical fulfillment can be a big plus in such scenario. Every functional module (hardware or software) must be in sync with the overall system functions to provide an effective solution. All the teams need to work harmoniously to provide strong designs and strategies for robust solution builds.

Team Focus and Dependencies

Team focus and solution dependencies must be designed using professionals from every team. All team members must be equally engaged within the project, especially while designing a concept-based practice like Network-on-Chip and System-on-Chip and linking it to a DevOps pipeline.

The enterprise must focus on simulation techniques with SoC — NoC systems. Hardware simulation can enable the developers to write better code and work with added automation levels to make the system more efficient and effective.

Steps for Simulation and Planning

Security is still a concern in this scenario. You must consult a security team and information security professionals while simulating an entire NoC and SoC build. The planning phase is all about implementing different design and delivery patterns to produce an effective solution for a pipeline.

When it comes to the hardware within a solution, you must consider different networking scenarios on NoC chips and different solution scenarios on SoC chips. Stress testing, response time, and other types of testing are essential for a robust design solution. These testing phases work similarly with hardware platforms as it does with DevOps to enable automated CI/CD techniques.

Challenges and Solutions

The first challenge is to hire a team with cross-functional expertise. The people can work on their primary development functions and then provide input into operations, security, and hardware mapping. This can provide an optimized and automatic system or accelerated deployment.

The setup of synchronized links between cloud services, the environment of your choice (hybrid cloud, single cloud, or multi-cloud), and all automations must be optimized. The production deployment platform, hardware simulation software, and cloud need to work harmoniously to enable a system that works correctly.

In the End — What Matters?

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