DevOps for the Cloud: Key Findings and Introduction to Automation Tools — Part 1

  1. Ways to cut down expenses and waste processes
  2. Shorter release cycles
  3. Continuous delivery of applications

Key Findings | The 2020 Challenge

The year 2020 has been filled with challenges. During these difficult times, technology has played its part to maintain a certain sense of stability for businesses. DevOps has been the prime mover for crucial models of development and delivery within the SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) pipeline.

  1. The cloud proves to be a factor for successful business models, continually delivering with high performance.
  2. Focusing on structural solutions to build a community around DevOps is proving to be the best strategy for scaling DevOps.
  3. The core of Digital Transformation and business performance sides with the ability to deliver software quickly, safely, and reliably.
  4. DevOps, Agile, and ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) are being challenged by SRE (Site Reliability Engineering.)
  5. DevOps Implementation enables better security.
  6. Security Integration is difficult in the later stages of evolution but provides a better outcome if it is integrated throughout the software development lifecycle.

DevOps Tools | Alibaba Cloud

Infrastructure as Code (IAC): Terraform

Terraform is an open-source DevOps automation tool used for manipulating infrastructure in terms of building, versioning, and changing. It is used to organize APIs into configuration files that can be shared with team members responsible for coding, reviewing, modifying, and versioning.

What is it used for?

Alibaba Cloud provides Terraform as a tool to efficiently codify an entire data center. It can form execution scenarios and determine any changes in the desired state. It also provides an ability to obtain the desired state. Terraform uses its own language, called HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL.) Using this language allows you to manage components like compute instances, storage, and networking.

Why is it preferred?

Using Infrastructure as Code is the basis for any operation to cut down the total time spent on it. By using Alibaba Terraform, the developer can easily provision all the needed resources without having to go through the tedious process of provisioning everything manually. With that, Terraform also enables the developer to kill any resources that are not needed and an ability to share and reuse such resources. This enables the versioning of a data center.

  1. Create a new environment automatically
  2. Integrate with multiple cloud providers
  3. Resource planning using execution plans and resource graphs

Jenkins | Alibaba Cloud

Jenkins is an open-source automation tool that is used for deploying, testing, delivering, and building application/code. Alibaba Cloud Container Service incorporates the extensible features of Jenkins for Continuous Delivery (CI) operations.

How does it work?

Continuous Integration (CI) tools are used when developers from around the globe work with an application code at the same time. When they make changes to different parts of an application code, Jenkins works to solve any problem that might arise due to fragmented workflow procedures.

Why should I use Jenkins with Alibaba Cloud?

Alibaba Cloud offers multiple products that are proven to work with an elastic tech-set of features, like the Elastic Compute Service (ECS). This is just one of the cloud-based products, but the range of products offered and integrated, especially with DevOps in mind, produces and provides an environment best suited for development and operations.


Alibaba Cloud services and DevOps tools that I used to achieve CI/CD operations or to use Infrastructure as Code, provided me with a certain value in terms of cost-cutting and a more reliable development process. With that, you can easily incorporate almost any open-source DevOps plugin by simply installing it from the repository. In one of our next articles, we will showcase the process of installing a complete instance using Alibaba Cloud services like ECS and setting up a VPC. Stay tuned for more!

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