DevOps Introduction, Lifecycle, and Evolution

What Exactly Is DevOps?

How DevOps Came to Being?

  • The First Way emphasizes the performance of the entire system — the value stream.
  • The Second Way is about shorting and amplifying feedback loops.
  • The Third Way is about creating a culture that fosters continual learning and understanding.

Initial Phase of DevOps

How Does it Work?

  • Within DevOps, programmers are programmers.
  • Equally, within DevOps, operations staff are operations staff.
  • Traditionally, getting software out to the production can be either the responsibility of operations or of the development team.
  • Planning the next iteration of the product’s development
  • Building the code
  • Testing to the production environment
  • Integration of Dev and Ops
  • Deployment of operations
  • Operations and Monitoring software performance
  • Delivering product updates
  • Back to Integration and then final Product Delivery

The Evolution of DevOps Practice

Agile to DevOps

Summing Up

  • Shortens the iteration cycle
  • Releases new functions
  • Increases collaboration between developers and operations

The Changed World and the Aftermath

DevOps Career Learning Path

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