DevOps Trends to Watch in 2021 — Part 1

Predicting Trends | DevOps

Digital Transformation is driving organizations towards a shift in culture and leadership norms. Teams and the core values and dynamics of teams will shift to accommodate DevSecOps. Data Analytics and Machine Learning for AI (DataOps) will be critical. DataOps will revolutionize DevOps to a level that enterprises will have to maintain a constant management scenario for changing environments and pipelines.

Security in 2021 | DevSecOps

The DevOps security testing cycle will require automation where automation cuts down on the time required for security implementation. 2021 will see software application security that will include a more progressive approach where teams will have to take responsibility for security implementation.

Containers and Security | DevSecOps

Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK), Function Compute (serverless), and other cloud-native technologies will be the most necessary shift in security with DevSecOps. Enterprises are moving to the cloud to facilitate the delivery of new features and rapidly provide security teams with new tools and services to ensure a well-equipped practice.

Kubernetes with Alibaba Cloud
Docker with Alibaba Cloud

Threat Modeling | DevSecOps

Threat modeling will be a necessity. Application security will be facilitated by security professionals that can provide detailed reports that emphasize the value proposition of threat modeling.

Cloud Computing Transformation and Security | DevSecOps

Delivery velocity and cloud transformation will be the prime movers in deciding how security is integrated within the DevOps pipeline. Cloud transformation and application security can develop an entire practice that will facilitate and orchestrate resources that will help with security automation to enable DevSecOps within the DevOps pipeline.

DevOps | Leadership

Leadership can increase the value of any SDLC. DevOps is already a hot commodity that has shown signs of a bigger and better approach over the past few years. DevOps doesn’t work as a plug and play system does, but business leadership based on success stories is a prime mover for other organizations to adopt DevOps.

Hybrid Cloud | Hybridity

Hybridity will take over a major chunk of the cloud backbone and account for a more defined value delivery for customers. Hybrid product teams working off-site will require more skills related to managing and maintaining workflow.

DevOps Trends to Watch in 2021 — Part 2

The next part of this article series is strategically planned for the first week of January 2021. Part 2 will talk about Development and Operations scenarios and how they will showcase new trends. We will discuss analytics and the autonomy of DevOps within an organization. We will showcase some exclusive emerging trends that will play a significant role in the classification of DevOps in 2021 and beyond.

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