Distributed Handling with Alibaba Cloud ACM for DevOps and Microservices

Use-Case Scenarios | ACM | Alibaba Cloud

Microservices Architecture

  • The support of gray release improves security and authorization like never before.
  • You can easily rollback configuration using ACM if the version has some deployment issues.
  • Configuration management is completely centralized and makes it extremely easy to manage multiple applications at the same time.
  • Configurations are version-independent and can be modified easily.

Distributed Architecture | ACM | Alibaba Cloud

  • Error correction is the biggest benefit of this scenario. In a scenario where an issue occurs with the provided configuration, ACM is extremely quick with error correction and rollback.
  • Alibaba Cloud ACM provides extremely quick action for any configuration management push scenario.

High-Availability Architecture | Internet Enterprise | Multi-Site

  • Both the infrastructure and the disaster recovery service are independent of each other. The disaster recovery scenario is responsible for selecting the delivery route to maintain continuous service availability.
  • The disaster recovery scenario can be pushed to thousands of machines at once. The whole operation can be performed within seconds.

How Does It Work?

Dynamic Configuration Push | ACM | Alibaba Cloud

Real-Time Big Data | ACM | Alibaba Cloud

Wrapping Up

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