Do You Need Specialized Security Tools to Protect the Cloud?

Cloud data cybersecurity tools

  • Do we really need third-party solutions to secure the cloud?
  • Most providers offer their own security tools. Aren’t they enough for us?
  • What additional protection do customers who use cloud infrastructure offered by Azure, AWS, Google Cloud need?
  • How are cloud service providers doing in terms of out-of-the-box security?
  • Working in a multi-cloud environment.
  • High level of penetration of cloud technologies into the organization’s business processes.

What cloud services are easier for third-party security vendors to work with?

  • What is the best cloud provider to add specialized security solutions?

How is a responsibility shared between the cloud provider, the vendor, and the customer?

What can cloud security services do?

  • Workload Security — protection of the operating system, control of its integrity, antivirus monitoring, and other means of ensuring endpoint machines’ security.
  • Network Security — intrusion prevention systems that monitor every incoming packet.
  • Cloud storage protection and control systems.
  • Protection technologies that are integrated into standard (Office 365 and others) and custom applications.
  • Solutions that control the correctness of security settings in public clouds.

Is it possible to license cloud cybersecurity tools using the pay-as-you-go model?

How to start trusting a cloud provider?

  • How to control access to data uploaded to the cloud?
  • How can a customer receive information that his confidential data has not fallen into the wrong hands — by legal (by a court decision) or illegal means?
  • Security tools can collect telemetry transmitted by a cloud provider, but is there a guarantee that the latter will give all the necessary information?


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