Double 11 with Alibaba Cloud: $1B Gross Merchandise Volume in 68 Seconds with Zero Downtime

Powerful Cloud Infrastructure for Extreme Scalability and Robustness

Launched during this year’s Apsara Conference in September, the third generation of X-Dragon architecture went full on in the infrastructure backbone of this year’s Double 11. With this new generation of X-Dragon on board, the Elastic Bare Metal Servers improved in terms of cost efficiency by 20%. X-Dragon seamlessly integrates with existing computing platforms, such as Elastic Compute Service (ECS) bare metal server and virtual machines, in a single, unified architecture.

Extreme Data Processing Coupled with Green Technologies

Alibaba Cloud’s Apsara Operating System processed around 970 perabytes of data to support the peak performance of 544,000 orders per second, setting a record during this year’s Double 11 event.

AI to Empower Sales of International Brands from Small and Medium Sellers

Thousands of Tmall sellers were upgraded to Tmall Flagship Store 2.0 storefronts before Double 11. Version 2.0 offers a unique user interface with a 3D Taobao avatar for customers to try on clothes and jewelry, further engaging customers through rich, interactive content and an omni-channel experience. The conversion rate per purchase was increased by over 20% from last year, serving 1,167 key brand flagship stores this year.

Platform-Wide Live Streaming and Voice-Directed Shopping

During this year’s global shopping festival, transactions during Taobao Live, platform live streams, generated nearly $2.8 billion in sales. Many Tmall sellers went big on live streaming, which helped to boost sales dramatically. This was especially true for sellers selling products such as cosmetics, clothing, food, cars, electronics, and home décor, who experienced much growth, with home décor products in particular seeing 400% sales increase.

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