Dynamic DNS using Alibaba Cloud DNS API

Why We Need a Dynamic DNS solution

For the most part, static IPs work well for accessing the Internet. The problem arises when we want to design a mobile (not just cell phones) network.

What Do We Need

This tutorial assumes that you already have the following products with Alibaba Cloud:
● A domain.
● An ECS instance with Apache & PHP.

Clone the Repo

Go ssh into your Alibaba Cloud ECS instance and go to the /var/www/html directory (or whichever one of your choice serving public content).
Once there, type git clone https://github.com/roura356a/alicloud-php-dns-updater.git dyndns-updater.

Get Your Access Keys from Alibaba Cloud

Getting a key pair is easy, and lets you to use more API features apart from the DNS one.

Setting the Dynamic DNS Updater Script up in the ECS

Going back to our ECS, we need to open the index.php file and replace the placeholders with the information you gathered before, such as ACCESS_KEY_ID and ACCESS_KEY_SECRET.

<?phpdate_default_timezone_set('UTC');include_once 'alicloud-php-updaterecord/V20150109/AlicloudUpdateRecord.php';use Roura\Alicloud\V20150109\AlicloudUpdateRecord;$AccessKeyId     = 'CAmKUmIUGiMO83mS';
$AccessKeySecret = 'CjKaN02Ann9maMmiauusmoGOI7mn';
$updater = new AlicloudUpdateRecord($AccessKeyId, $AccessKeySecret);
$newIp = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; // New IP$updater->setDomainName('customnasathome.com');

Testing the Updater

Now that we have finished all the steps above, it’s time to test if everything is correctly set up. By this moment, you should have a public URL (, which will run the updater just by visiting it. Open it in your browser and look at the output.

[RecordId] => 3666544576879860
[RequestId] => F4VDF8A-D2DF-49VV-ER00-458D6918FDDE

Securing the Script

So we are able to change the A Record of a given domain by only opening a URL, either from a browser or using curl, but the URL by default is publicly accessible, and, even if you don’t tell the URL to anyone, is a really bad practice to leave it like that. To secure the access we will use Apache .htaccess and .htpasswd.


Put this file (.htaccess) in the same folder as index.php:

AuthType Basic
AuthName "DNS Updater Access"
AuthUserFile /var/www/dyndns-updater/.htpasswd
Require valid-user


For this step you need to run a command to create the user and its password.

Cron Job

Cron is a time-based job scheduler utility in Unix-like operating systems. It comes in very handy for running automatic backups or other routine tasks. It suits perfectly in our case, as we will need to check from time to time if the external IP changed to update the A Record of our domain.

Wrapping Up

By default, Alibaba Cloud sends you an email whenever there is any record changes. So you will be able to keep track of all the automated updates the moment they happen. If you want to know more about Alibaba Cloud API, you can visit the official Developer Resources, where you can check all the Alibaba Cloud API references.



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