Ecosystem Construction of Alibaba Cloud Entering a New Era

Great Achievements in the Ecosystem Strategy of Integration

In 2019, Alibaba Cloud put forward the “integration strategy” for the first time. Over the past year, the strategy has yielded fruitful results in terms of ecosystem construction and market expansion.

From Expanding Ecosystems to Strengthening Ecology

The idea of “strengthening ecology” proposed this year will be the main theme of Alibaba Cloud’s continuous cooperation with ecosystem partners in the future. Nowadays, digitization has become an inevitable trend of development, which can lead to the iteration and upgrade of hardware and software, and the reconstruction and innovation of organization mode, product form, and business process. In this context, Alibaba Cloud hopes to vigorously empower and support the ecosystem by “strengthening ecology” and “focusing on the industry”. By doing so, Alibaba Cloud can embrace opportunities for new digital infrastructures in China and worldwide with its partners.

  1. AIoT Alliance: Relying on about 20 partners, the AIoT Business Alliance combines Alibaba’s IoT technology empowerment with partners’ diversified business scenarios to jointly build a solution for the world of IoT.
  2. Alibaba’s Middle Platform Alliance of Retail’s On-Cloud Business: Based on Alibaba’s years of experience in the field of business middle platform, the Alliance provides a new suite of platform-type products and methods. These products and methods aim at helping new retail enterprises in omni-channel marketing, operating full-domain members, and omni-channel supply chains. Working with many partners, the Alliance will build business applications for verticals and face common markets. In addition, the Alliance will help new retail enterprises to achieve multi-format and multi-channel integration quickly, complete business innovation, and accelerate the completion of digital transformation.

Being a Leader in the New Infrastructure Construction

In March 2020, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee stressed the acceleration of “new infrastructure”, including 5G infrastructure, big data centers, AI, and industrial Internet. The new infrastructure can benefit the development of new economies represented by the digital economy and act as a new part of economic growth. It can also promote the digital transformation of traditional industries and become a new important engine for the development of the national economy.

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