Eight Steps to a Complete Cloud-Based Data Security

For an extensive eight-step breakdown of Alibaba Cloud’s security solutions, download our free whitepaper, The Eight Stages of Cloud-Based Data Security today.

Data security is a fundamental requirement today for every Cloud infrastructure. As advancing digitization leads many businesses to adopt cloud‐based solutions, traditional data isolation techniques alone will not protect your corporate information. Therefore, a more flexible and advanced approach is now required.

However, this in itself comes with its own set of issues, as organizations are typically faced with two main data security challenges on the Cloud: meeting business demands and quickly identifying sensitive data.

Data Security on the Cloud

A customizable solution, you can tailor it to fit the exact needs of your business. From data classification to data masking, data loss prevention, encryption, key management, access control, and data erasure, Alibaba Cloud is here to provide your business with the right solutions every step of the way, to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.

The Eight Key Stages of Data Security in Short

  • Asset review
  • Gathering
  • Transmission
  • Processing and exchange
  • Storage
  • Destruction
  • Operational transparency

By factoring in all eight key stages, businesses can protect their valuable data at every point in its lifecycle. Alibaba Cloud solutions like Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection (SDDP), DataWorks Big Data platform, Content Delivery Network (CDN), and Smart Access Gateway (SAG), can all facilitate this.

Data is the new corporate currency, and our Data Security on the Cloud Solution is a vital asset for any enterprise operating in the online world. Whatever stage of your data security journey you’re at, we can help your organization build a robust data security framework across our broad spectrum of security products.

To discover more about the Alibaba Cloud Data Security on the Cloud Solution, and our breakdown of Cloud-based data security, download the whitepaper, The Eight Stages of Cloud-Based Data Security today.

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